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Alright sea-lovers, how about we dial down the sunscreen application for a moment and get real? There's no denying it; the call of the open sea is as timeless as an old pair of socks. But with MSC Musica, the journey's more like a jazz band doing cartwheels across the Mediterranean. Built in 2006, this ship was MSC’s first dab into the big cruise game. But, fast forward to today, and she's making waves from the stunning port of Limassol, all ready for local Cypriots to hop on board. Wondering what the fuss is all about? Let’s dive in!

A Limassol cruise like no other

Weighing in at a whopping 92,409 tons (that's about 184 million pites of souvlakia) and hosting 2,550 guests, the MSC Musica makes a good first impression. You'll step aboard and BAM!—three decks of shiny, curvy, glassy glory with a sprinkle of LED stars and, wait for it... a floating grand piano. Because, why not?

msc musica deck
MSC Musica Pool Deck

Dining on a Limassol Cruise

Now, about the grub. Although the ship weighs a lot of souvlakia, you probably won’t find many of them here. On most cruises, you might expect shrimp cocktail and a bit of salad, but MSC Musica raises the bar, pole vault style. Between L’Oleandro’s classic charm and Le Maxim’s Parisian panache, your taste buds are in for a roller coaster. And sushi fans, rejoice! The Kaito Sushi Bar is here to ensure you're rolling in more than just the deep. And yes, for those midnight munchies, there's an ever-ready buffet and pool-side grill, because swimsuits and burgers are a match made in heaven.

Sushi bar
Kaito Sushi Bar

Suites and Staterooms: A cruise cabin for everyone

Whether you fancy staring into the abyss of the sea from a balcony or getting cosy in an art-deco inspired room, MSC Musica’s got you covered. The majority of the staterooms are 199-square-foot outside cabins with balconies, designed with a clean, modern aesthetic. These rooms come equipped with all the essentials: a sitting area, TV, minifridge, vanity/writing desk, and a well-appointed bathroom.

Balcony Room MSC Musica

For those seeking a touch of luxury, 317-square-foot balcony suites offer a larger balcony, a spacious sitting area, a king-size bed, and a bathroom complete with a tub. Inside and oceanview staterooms are also available, catering to various preferences and budgets.

Entertainment: The Crescendo of a 2024 Limassol Cruise

MSC Musica knows how to throw a party. The Theatro La Scala—which spans 3 decks— is part theatre, part Vegas, all fabulous with its red-upholstered seating, art deco detailing, and a galaxy of glittering lights. For those looking to channel their inner pop star, The Crystal Lounge moonlights as a karaoke bar, promising hours of fun. And for those looking to dance the night away, the disco-themed Discoteca Q32 beckons.

Crystal Lounge
Crystal Lounge
MSC Musica Casino

Children aren't left out, either. The "Space Trip" playroom, adorned with a space theme, offers games, puppet shows, pizza parties, and even acrobatics lessons. Outdoors, a dedicated play area with a slide and wading pool ensures the little ones have their share of sun and fun.

Children's Playroom
Children's Playroom

Ports of Call: A Symphony of Destinations

Cruising from Limassol in 2024, MSC Musica’s hitting all the hot spots. Think sun, sand, history, and a pinch of Opa! Every port, from Mykonos to Limassol itself, is a vibrant note in this Mediterranean concerto.

Beyond the Deck: An MSC Musica Chronicle

As 2024 waves hello, Limassol stands ready to play its melodic tune with MSC Musica. Be it nostalgia, luxury, or pure adventure, this ship promises to play the perfect backdrop. Got the itch to book a spot? Give our travel experts at Sea Island a ring, or complete our booking form here, and get ready to sail into the sunset, cocktail in hand. Cheers!

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