Boarding a cruise from Limassol in 2024 | What to expect

Boarding a limassol cruise


So you’ve booked your tickets to your cruise from Limassol in 2024—hopefully through Sea Island Travel and Tours, otherwise you’re missing out on the best deals—but now what? In this blog article, we go over all the boarding protocols for the two main cruises that depart from Limassol in 2024—the MSC Musica and the Celestyal Journey—to ensure you are well prepared for your departure date.

Limassol cruises in 2024: Document Essentials

If you can imagine you’re about to board a plane, then you’re already getting yourself in the right headspace for what’s to come. Ensure your paperwork is in order, as both Limassol cruises require you to present your e-ticket and passport. If you're on the MSC Musica, don't forget the embarkation form either. Visa requirements? Only if applicable. But remember, while the Celestyal Journey once asked for a health questionnaire, that's history now.

Luggage Protocols and Terminal Experience

Traveling light isn't everyone's forte, and these Limassol cruises get it. On the Celestyal Journey, once you've aced the document check, head to the luggage drop-off. Here, your bags get a security scan courtesy of local port authorities before being whisked away to your stateroom. On the MSC Musica, ensure your bags are labelled with essential details before handing them over to the designated staff. Both cruises use the same terminal, which in 2023 had an average processing time of just 9 minutes per passenger!

Limassol Terminal

The Check-in Experience

Celestyal's check-in is smoother than a Greek yoghurt. Hand over your passport, and voila, a boarding pass that's more versatile than a Swiss army knife: a multitasker that's your ID, stateroom key, and onboard charge card. Special suite? There's a swift check-in line just for you. MSC Musica's process? Equally slick. Flash that embarkation form, snag your Cruise Card, and if you're flaunting MSC Yacht Club status, enjoy the red-carpet treatment.

Security Measures

As mentioned before, think of this as the airport's more glamorous cousin. Celestyal's hand luggage goes through scanners, and so do you. Got a medical condition? Flash those papers. MSC Musica's mantra? Safety with a sprinkle of thoroughness. They might even give you or your luggage a once-over, just for kicks.

Health and Safety Measures Post-COVID

In a post-pandemic world, health and safety still take centre stage, however, both cruises are steps ahead. The Celestyal Journey has removed its COVID-19 vaccination and pre-departure testing requirements for sailings from March 2nd, 2023, unless local regulations say otherwise. However, they still recommend pre-travel testing for peace of mind. And rest assured, their crew remains fully vaccinated, adhering to guidelines from European Healthy Gateways, CLIA, and Greek health authorities.

MSC Cruises also welcomes all guests without any testing requirements or concerns about vaccination status. But remember, always ensure you meet the travel requirements of any country you traverse during your cruise.

Stepping Aboard your Limassol cruise in 2024

The moment of truth! On the Celestyal Journey, a short walk or shuttle bus ride gets you to the ship's gangway. But remember, that boarding pass is your golden ticket—guard it like a pirate does his treasure.On the MSC Musica, once you're on board, head to your cabin, and let the adventure begin.

Safety First: Lifeboat and Muster Drills on a Limassol Cruise

Safety doesn't end at the port. Both cruises prioritize onboard safety by simulating an evacuation procedure, and guests are required to take their respective life jackets from their cabins before heading to an assigned muster station. The MSC Musica safety drill lasts one hour and is conducted in 6 different languages.

Conclusion: Sailing on a Limassol Cruise in 2024

As you set sail from Limassol, it's not just about the azure waters and the promise of new horizons. It's about embarking on a journey with confidence. And if you're still charting your course, remember: Sea Island and Tours is your trusted guide for the best cruises from Limassol in 2024. Get in touch with one of our agents today and don’t miss out on exclusive offers on Limassol cruises.

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