Why Cruises from Limassol in 2024 are great vacations for families

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Picture this: The post-pandemic world has unfolded like a treasure map, revealing gems of travel opportunities. Once upon a time, when airlines were practically giving away seats to stay afloat, globe-trotting was a bargain. Fast forward to today, and voila! Airfares have bounced back like a yo-yo on an energy drink. This turn of events has many Cypriot families turning their gazes closer to home for budget-friendly vacations. But what if I told you there's a way to quench your wanderlust without burning a hole in your wallet with hefty airfares?

Allow us at Sea Island to let you in on a little secret, a treasure chest of reasons why a cruise from Limassol in 2024 is the perfect answer to your vacation dreams:

Convenience, Proximity and Safety

Before you find yourself sipping a cocktail on the beach in a place far away, you’re going to have to get yourself (and your family) there first. Boarding a cruise from Limassol in 2024 means no stressful flights, no long travel days and no airfare costs.

While many solo travellers do enjoy the process of all the planning that goes into their holiday, the job becomes considerably more difficult when you have to consider an entire family. No more navigating the labyrinth of airport security with a herd of kids in tow, no more restless hours in cramped airplane seats, and no more entertain kids in a space no bigger than your living room while waiting for a flight.

Now, compare that to the seamless boarding of either the Celestyal Journey or MSC Musica. Limassol's new terminal, boasting an impressive average boarding time of just 9 minutes, makes embarking on your sea adventure quicker than cooking instant noodles!

And for that extra peace of mind, on the Celestyal Journey, kids get wristbands with their parents’ cabin and phone numbers right at embarkation. It's like giving them a little "return-to-sender" label in case they embark on their own mini-adventure onboard.

Cultural Familiarity

There is a strong sense of home on board cruises that depart from Limassol—particularly the Celestyal Journey, previously known as Louis Cruise Lines. Although English is the main language on the ship, many staff members speak Greek and/or are based in Greece and food—the universal language of all Cypriots—takes center stage. The Taverna restaurant is a Greek culinary odyssey, while the Smoked Olive offers Mediterranean delights that'll remind you of Sunday family dinners. And for a gourmet twist, there's the Grill Seekers restaurant with its Diane Kochillas menu, featuring a six-course Greek feast that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance. Plus, child-friendly menus mean even the littlest travelers can embark on a culinary journey of their own.

Family-friendly excursions and activities

Each port of call has organised excursions, with different programs available to suit one’s needs. For the Celestyal Journey, you can find out more about these excursions and their duration on their website. For families, we recommend those with the least amount of walking and easiest terrain to best accommodate children.

If you want to take a pass on the excursions but still keep the kids entertained, both ships offer multiple swimming pools in which the entire family can cool off and relax in between the ports of call. Evening entertainment on both ships is unparalleled, with live musicians entertaining at several of the bars. Both ships have a dedicated theatre with broad-way style shows—the MSC Musica in particular stands out here with its Theatro La Scala, which spans 3 decks and is part theatre, part Vegas. Both theatres include red-upholstered seating, unique detailing and glittering lights.

The MSC Musica also gets bonus points for its playroom "Space Trip”. This space-themed playroom offers games, pizza parties, puppet shows and even acrobatic lessons, offering many parents therefore a welcome break from their on-board parenting duties.

Multiple destinations & educational opportunities

Cruises from Limassol are a fantastic option if you want to see several places in one trip, which is one of the biggest selling points. Both the Celestyal Journey and MSC Musica get extra bonus points here, as their small-to-medium size means they can hug coastlines and visit some of the more off-the-beaten-path destinations that are otherwise difficult to get to by plane. Cruises from Limassol are also a very useful opportunity to get an overview of a region if you are considering a future land-based trip and want to make a more informed decision without putting all your money into a single destination.

This globetrotting adventure isn't just a holiday; it's a live-action educational series for your kids. What school can offer lessons amidst the sun-kissed beauty of Santorini, the medieval charm of Rhodes, the serene Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, or the iconic windmills of Mykonos? Each port is a chapter in a real-world history and geography book, making learning as exciting as the adventure itself.

Value for money

Here's the kicker: Cruises from Limassol in 2024 are a steal. Forget about the costs of flying to multiple destinations. Everything on a cruise—from scrumptious meals to top-notch entertainment—is bundled up in one neat, economical package. It's like having an all-you-can-eat buffet of experiences, where you only pay for the seat, not every dish. Alcoholic drinks are extra, but let's face it, a cocktail tastes sweeter when you know you're saving a bundle on the overall trip.

The true value of these cruises? A medley of experiences without the hefty price tag of multiple flights, and onboard entertainment that keeps everyone from toddlers to teens (and let's not forget the adults!) thoroughly amused.

Conclusion: More Than Just a Vacation - An Odyssey of Memories

Cruises from Limassol in 2024 are not just vacations; they're the launchpad to a world of new experiences, family bonding, and a deep dive into the cultural richness of the Mediterranean. With easy boarding, a comforting taste of home, and the thrill of discovery at every port, there's no better way for Cypriot families to satiate their wanderlust than on a Limassol cruise.

Ready to set sail on your next grand adventure? Sea Island Travel and Tours is your captain in this journey. Contact us to learn about our exclusive offers and custom-tailored cruise experiences that are waiting just for you. Let's make 2024 a year of unforgettable family memories!

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